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SuperFOIL SF19BB 40mm


As SuperFOIL’s first completely breathable insulation roll, this SF19BB thermal insulation is suitable for use in walls and roofs. This type of insulation is an efficient time and cost-saving solution, as it provides both secondary rain barrier breathable membrane and insulation, eliminating the need for extra battens and reducing installation time.

This SF19BB insulation is both competitive and high performing, outclassing other manufacturers due to its innovative construction and design. With rValues of r2.22m²K/W in roofs and r2.53m²K/W in walls, it features a total of nine layers of construction, including four loft quilt, one perforated reinforced heavy-duty outer reflective foil, one aluminium coated breather membrane and three perforated aluminium coated reflective foil PET.

Features & Benefits: Breathable Thermal Insulation SF19BB by SuperFOIL – 1.2m x 10m Roll

  • Core thermal resistance with an rValue of 1.45m²K/W
  • Thermal resistance of r2.53m²K/W in the wall and r2.22m²K/W in the roof
  • Water vapour resistance of 0.115MNs/g
  • W1 watertightness
  • 8kg weight per roll
  • Thickness installed: 40mm
  • 12m² roll size
  • 10m length x 1.2m width
  • Suitable for use in walls and roofs
  • Completely breathable rain barrier membrane and insulation

This SF19BB insulation boasts various advanced techniques including sonic construction and lamination developments, as well as nano technology. These advancements provide improved options for solutions as low as U0.10. This insulation roll comes in a convenient sized 12m² roll which is 10m long and 1.2m wide.

Installing this SF19BB insulation is relatively easy as it can be cut to size using a knife or scissors and should be fitted with air gaps. It is suitable for both horizontal and vertical fittings, meets Building Regulations and forms an air seal and radiant barrier, providing excellent thermal insulation for your property.

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