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SuperFOIL SF19+ 45mm – 1.5 x 10m


This SF19+ SuperFOIL multilayer thermal insulation is the advanced version of the favourite SF19 reflective insulation. Benefiting from increased performance and using the enhanced production techniques as developed for SuperFOIL’s latest products, this SF19+ insulation achieves R values of 2.49 for roofs and 2.97 for walls.

Delivering better solutions and options as low as U0.10, this SuperFOIL insulation comes in a conveniently sized roll with a 1.5m width and 10m length and a 25mm air gap is required.

Features & Benefits: Multi-layer Foil Insulation SF19+ by SuperFOIL – 1.5m x 10m Roll

  • 13kg weight
  • 2.97 R value
  • 11 layers
  • 15m² coverage
  • 10m length x 1.5m width x 45mm thickness
  • Can be cut with a knife or scissors
  • Vertical or horizontal fitting
  • Building regulations compliant
  • Air seal and radiant barrier

This product can be easily cut with a knife or scissors and is suitable for vertical or horizontal fitting.

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