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Resonate Resobacker High Strength Cement Fibre Board 1200mm x 800mm x 6mm



Reonate’s  ResoBacker Boards are high strength, water
resistant cement fibre boards used as the covering layer over our routed UFH board systems.

The ResoBacker  board strengthens the surface of the routed carrier board, whilst also offering
excellent and even heat transfer to the surfaces above. They also allow for ceramic and porcelain tiles to be laid directly over the
surface after installation.

Resonate’s ResoBacker boards composition comprises of Portland cement, sand, cellulose and selected additives.
ResoBacker boards don’t contain asbestos, gypsum, glass fibre or formaldehyde.

ResoBacker boards meet the European standard for fibre
cement EN12467 and its reaction to fire, in accordance with
EN13501-1, is A1, S1-d0. The product is classified as fully noncombustible.


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Technical Datasheet


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