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Resonate Resodeck 23 Pro Acoustic Flooring Panel 1200x600mm 23mm – Pallet Deal 70x



Resonate Resodeck 23 Pro Acoustic Flooring Panel 1200 x 600mm 23mm – Pallet Deal 70x

Resonate’s ResoDeck 23Pro is a high performance acoustic
flooring solution suitable for use on separating floors to help
compliance with Part E of the building regulations. The composite
acoustic overlay panel is laid on the timber or concrete sub-deck,
before the final floor coverings are installed.

At only 23mm thick the ResoDeck panels have minimal impact on
floor height. The 18mm P5 chipboard top layer is technically
bonded to 5mm ResoFleece a high performance recycled
polyester fibre resilient layer.

The ResoFleece resilient layer provides superior impact sound
reduction over other types of resilient layers.

Resodeck 23Pro is perfectly suited for refurbishment applications.

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Technical Datasheet


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