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Jackoboard Plano Construction Boards 1200mm x 600mm 20mm Pallet Deal 80 Boards


80x 20mm Boards Pallet Deal

JACKOBOARD Plano Tile Backer Board is a water-repellent construction board made from extruded polystyrene foam, finished on both sides with a special cement-based coating that is fibre reinforced. This cement coating is ready to be tiled, rendered or plastered once installed. It features excellent thermal insulation properties that makes it ideal for use in applications that require effective thermal insulation, such as underneath underfloor heating systems. Using JACKOBOARD Plano Tile Backer Board beneath underfloor heating systems has several benefits, the main ones being a reduction in heat-up times and reduced heat loss.

JACKOBOARD Plano Tile Backer Board is perfectly suited for use in interior construction and furnishings – especially in rooms subject to high moisture levels. It can be installed on virtually any substrate and has a high compressive strength value of > 300 kPa, making it suitable for use on both floor and wall applications.

JACKOBOARD Plano Tile Backer Board provides a completely waterproof substrate for tiling that will not allow moisture to penetrate the fabric of the building assuming that the joints between the boards have been appropriately treated. The specially developed reinforced cement coating produces an extremely strong bond when used in conjunction with cement based single part flexible tile adhesive.

JACKOBOARD Plano Tile Backer Board is available in the following board sizes (Height x Width x Thickness):

JACKOBOARD Plano Tile Backer Board is very easy to work with, weighing between 3-6kg per m² whilst retaining excellent dimensional stability. It can be cut to any dimension using basic tools such as a hand saw or craft knife. You can view the installation instructions for JACKOBOARD Plano on floor and wall applications via the links below.

When fixing JACKOBOARD Plano Tile Backer Board we recommend using JACKOBOARD Board Fix Adhesive to glue boards together or onto a substrate. For fixing boards to timber studwork and other wooden substrates we recommend using JACKOBOARD Fixing Washers with screws. For fixing boards to solid walls such as brick/masonry or concrete, we recommend using JACKOBOARD Metal Disc Plugs in conjunction with tile adhesive for a secure mechanical fixing. Use the JACKOBOARD Glass Fibre Scrim Tape to reinforce abutting joints between boards and to repair any holes/cracks prior to tiling.

The JACKOBOARD Waterproof Sealing Kit is also available – this contains all you need to waterproof an average shower area installation of JACKOBOARD Plano Tile Backer Board Panels and/or shower tray – primer, waterproofing membrane, sealing tape and corners.

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