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Novia Aluminium BS 476 Cold Weather Foil VCL Tape


The 96mm Novia BS476 Cold Weather Foil VCL Tape is a fire rated, high strength single-sided 30 micron aluminium foil tape which consists of a cold weather solvent acrylic adhesive, which creates a tape that can be used for jobs regardless of temperature. With it’s BS 476 fire rating, this tape is essential when installing the VC4000 FR system.

This Cold Weather Foil Tape from Novia should be used as a lap seal for Vapour Control Layer (VCL) applications in walls and ceilings of insulated building structures. This tape is also suitable for insulation board and use in damp proof membrane and Radon protection applications as a single sided lap seal.

Features & Benefits: Novia Aluminium BS 476 Cold Weather Foil VCL Tape

  • Suitable for the installation of the VC4000 FR system
  • Highly reflective of both heat and light
  • 30 micron foil
  • Low application temperature of -20°C
  • Low water vapour transmission rate
  • Suitable for both vapour barrier and radon barrier applications
  • Service temperature: -35 to +120 °C
  • Applying Temperature: -20 to +40 °C
  • Fire Rating: BS 478

Please note:

  • When applying this tape, customers are advised to install on surfaces free from grease, dust and loose materials.

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50mm / 50m, 75mm / 50m, 100mm / 50m

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