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10x Recticel Eurowall Plus T&G 1200mm x 450mm 54sm



10 Pack Deal (54 sm coverage)

Eurowall® + is a premium, high performance full fill insulation board with precision cut tongue and groove joints on all four sides. The Eurowall ensures that the boards lock tightly together minimising heat loss through thermal bridging. Eurowall offers unique joint offers increased protection against wind driven rain as well as improved wind tightness.

Key benefits
Good thermal performance: λ = 0.022 W/mK
Easy and fast installation
Can help to achieve 0.18 U-value in 100mm cavities
Tongue and groove rebate minimises thermal bridging
1200×460 (max including tongue and groove joint) 1190×450 (installed dimensions) mm

90mm (10 sheets per pack)

No Spec Table Available.


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