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STS A1 Fire Rated Construction Cement Board | 9 & 12mm


The STS Construction Board is a heavy-duty fibre cement board highly recommended by many leading render manufacturers.
It’s high strength and density create an impact resistant, dimensionally stable and weatherproof construction board which lends itself for use as an external render carrier.
The simple fibre cement composition provides a perfect surface on which to receive thin coat render systems such as the brands stated below.
By using the STS Construction Board you have the assurance of a solid foundation meaning not only a stunning render finish, but also the peace of mind that it will last for years and remain crack free.

What is fibre cement board made of?

Portland Cement: binds the ingredients and is made with limestone, clay and iron. Cellulose Fibres: treated, organic fibres which act as a filler. Sand: highly durable and creates all weather performance. Water: dissolves the wood pulp; activates and hardens the cement. STS Construction Boards have no need of fibreglass mesh for strengthening, which of course is almost impossible to recycle and very irritable when cutting.

Euro Class A1 Fire Rating (BS EN 12467)
Impact Resistant
High Density
Weatherproof & Water Resistant
External Heavy-Duty
Maintains Minimum Board Movement
Render Ready
Suitable For:
Timber Frame
Lightweight Steel Frame
Offsite/Modular Build

Technical Data:
Board Dimensions & Weight – 2400mm x 1200mm
Test Standard – BS EN 12467:2016 + A1:2016
Density – 1.28g cm3
Bending Strength (dry) – 12.46 MPa
Bending Strength (saturated in warm water) – 12.91 MPa
Reaction to Fire – EuroClass A1 Non-Combustible (A1fl)
Test Standard – EN ISO 1182 & EN ISO 1716
Fire Insulation – BS 476 part 22 118 min burn time for timber frame party wall
Test Standard – EN ISO 1182 & EN ISO 1716
Thermal Conductivity – ≤0.25W/ (m.k)
Density – 1.23g/cm3

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