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Rocksilk RS45 Slabs Insulation- All Thicknesses


Rocksilk® RS45 rock mineral wool slabs have been specifically designed for use in a wide range of thermal and acoustic applications. They are particularly suited to ground floors, internal floors, separating floors, pitched roofs at rafter level, internal walls and partitions, as well as light steel frame walls, timber frame walls, and fabrication.

The slabs are non-combustible with a Euroclass A1 rating for fire resistance, as well as manufactured using Knauf Insulation’s innovative bio-based binder, ECOSE® Technology.

Features & Benefits:
  • 0.035 W/mK thermal conductivity
  • Water vapour resistivity of 5.00 MNs/g.m
  • Single slab can be used for multiple applications
  • No ozone-depleting substances or greenhouse gases
  • Non-combustible, rot-proof and non-hygroscopic
  • Lightweight and easy to install

These slabs possess several important characteristics, such as being odourless, rot-proof, and non-hygroscopic. While providing environments that fail to sustain vermin or encourage the growth of fungi, mould, or bacteria, they also contain no substances that deplete the ozone layer or contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. Overall, lifespans are equivalent to that of the wall structure of which they are used.

Rocksilk® RS45 slabs offer hassle-free installation when compared to rigid boards due to their material that accommodates minor imperfections and knits together, reducing any air gaps for superior performance. These slabs are lightweight and easy to use, which makes for effortless handling and straightforward installation with minimal cutting requirements when applicable. Supplied in recyclable polythene packs (4-LDPE), short term protection is provided.

Standards & Certification
  • Reaction to Fire: A1 Euroclass classification to BS EN 13501-1
  • Certified by TÜV Nord: Manufactured in accordance with BS EN 13162, ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems, ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems and ISO 9001 Quality Management systems
Please note:
  • For longer term protection on site, the product should either be stored indoors, or under cover and off the ground. Rocksilk® Building Slabs should not be left permanently exposed to the elements.
  • These slabs can be provided with a factory applied foil or tissue facing, offering solutions for a wide variety of application

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