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Resonate Resoboard 4 High Performance Acoustic Wall Lining Board



Resonate ResoBoard 4 is a high performance acoustic
wall lining board. The boards are suitable for timber stud,
brick and concrete block walls and are effective in new
build and refurbishment developments.

Slimline Wall Soundproofing

At just 30mm thick, ResoBoard 4 wall boards represent a
slim, space saving solution for highly effective wall
soundproofing. This provides a significant benefit against
alternative solutions that require separate independent
wall linings (100mm – 150mm thickness).
The boards are directly fixed to the existing wall, making
them easy to install with minimal disruption to the home

The composition of ResoBoard 4 is the perfect

combination of materials to improve absorption, mass
and vibration damping. The surface face is 15mm paper
faced HD plasterboard, technically bonded with 7.5kg/m
mass loaded vinyl, and a 9mm cross linked polyethylene
foam and a further layer of 7.5kg/m mass loaded vinyl.

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Technical Datasheet


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