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Resonate P5 Loft Chipboard 22mm – Pallet Deal 80x



Resonate P5 Loft Chipboard 22mm – Pallet Deal 80x

Resonate P5 Loft Chipboard is a robust 22mm thick structural solution designed for optimal strength and versatility in diverse construction applications. Weighing 8.5kg and with dimensions of 1200mm x 500mm, these moisture-resistant boards are easy to handle and ideal for accessing loft hatches and staircases with minimal fuss.

With a tongue and groove design on all four edges, Resonate P5 Loft Chipboard not only delivers high-strength performance but also ensures a tight and easy-fitting joint, enhancing overall stability and providing a seamless connection between each board. Whether you’re undertaking a domestic, new build, refurbishment, or commercial project, these chipboards offer excellent structural integrity, making them a reliable choice for various construction needs.

  • Robust 22mm thick chipboard suitable for various applications
  • Weighs 8.5kg ensuring easy handling
  • Measures 1200mm x 500mm, making it suitable for loft hatches and staircases
  • Tongue and groove design on all four edges for high-strength performance
  • Ensures a tight, easy-fitting joint
  • Suitable for new builds, refurbishments, domestic and commercial projects
  • Moisture-resistant feature adds durability

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Technical Datasheet


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