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Onatpan Plasterboard Square Edge – 1800mm x 900mm x 12.5mm – Pallet Deal 90x



ONATPAN White is a flexible, lightweight plasterboard product with improved workability property, coated with double-sided special paper using natural gypsum stone and advanced technology.

ONATPAN White Board is a gypsum product ,manufactured using natural gypsum and advanced technology, coated with double-sided special paper, flexible, light and improved workability properties
It is a plasterboard that can be used as a dry surface layer on walls, as a covering layer on ceilings or as a suspended ceiling, as a partition wall, and as a cladding on carrier columns and beams.
It provides easy and fast application opportunity.
It provides an aesthetic and natural appearance by using it in construction decoration works. It provides a comfortable environment.

ONATPAN White is applied on metal or wooden frame with screws,
On the existing wall, it is applied with YAPONAT adhesive plaster.
Thanks to its thinned long edges, a smooth and regular surface is obtained by using DERZONAT joint filler plaster in the joint areas.

It should be stored on a clean and flat surface, in a way that it will not come into contact with the ground, in an environment protected from water and moisture.

  • Thickness: 12.5mm 
  • Board size: 1800mm x 900mm
  • Coverage per board: 1.62m2 
  • Edge: Square Edge

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