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K Rend Silicone TC 15 White 25kg


K Rend Silicone TC 15 is an organic resin, low maintenance render with a textured finish.


Silicone TC 15 is a self-coloured render and can be hand or spray applied. It is a ready to use organic resin render which is applied to provide a low maintenance textured finish. It is also available in different textures (TC 05, TC 10 & TC 30) and a wide variety of colours. Prior to application the substrate should be primed using Primer TC.

Product Specification

Technical Data
Require: 2.5kg / mm thick / sq m approx.
Application Instructions
First coat: K Rend Base Coat

Preparation coat: K Rend Primer TC

Final Coat: K Rend Silicone TC

  • Background should be clean, level and dry and free from efflorescence
  • Allow freshly applied render Base Coats a minimum of 14 days before work commences
  • Mask all adjacent surfaces including windows, sills, doors, timber, glass, brick and flooring
  • Protect weather exposes surfaces
  • Apply K Rend Primer TC (colour co-ordinated to topcoat) by brush, roller or spray. Allow 24 hours drying time for primer before applying topcoat
  • Apply K Rend Silicone TC topcoat to the thickness of the largest grain size using a stainless steal float and allow to take up slightly. The surface is then rubbed up in a circular motion using a plastic float to create the texture
  • Complete continuous surfaces without interruption, working to a wet edge at all times
  • Protect the fresh render from rain and from drying too fast: drying times may be prolonged by lower temperatures and/or high humidity


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