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K Rend K Mix GP Mortar 25kg


K Mix GP Mortar is a general purpose mortar designed for rendering and pointing of blocks and bricks. It can also be used as a scratch coat plaster for internal and external work, as a bedding for pavia and as a rubbed up finish suitable for external painting.

  • It can be hand or machine applied
  • On site, add clean water and mix for 5 minutes
  • Workable and easy to use
  • 25kg bags for convenient on site handling
  • Reduced wastage over bulk materials

Product Specification

Technical Data (for rendering or plastering)
Hand application coverage: 1.8kg / mm thick / m²

| approx. 55 m² per tonne

Hand application require: 14-18kg / m²

| approx. 8-10mm thickness

Machine application coverage: 1.5kg / mm thick / m²

| approx. 66 m² per tonne for 10mm thickness

Machine application require: 12-15kg / m²

| approx. 8-10mm thickness

Compressive strength class: CS III
Workable life: 4 hrs 28 mins
Capillary water absorption: W2
Adhesion: 0.28 N / mm² (FP – a)
Water vapour permeability (μ): ≤ 15
Dry bulk density: 1400kg / m³
Thermal conductivity: P = 50% – 0.43 W / mK (tab value)
Air content: 29%
Reaction to fire: Class A1
Durability (against freeze thaw): based on provisions valid in UK and Ireland
Application Instructions (for brick laying)
  • Add 4 – 5 Litres of clean water per 25kg bag
  • Mix thoroughly for at least 5 minutes in a standard site mixer to break down additives

Additional information



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